Illnesses caused by viruses are Biestmilch territory

Common cold, head cold, sore throat, bronchitis, sinusitis or flu etc. are first of all virus infections.

This list could be continued easily, but no need everybody knows what we are talking about. These illnesses tell the story of our coexistence with the myriads of viruses that surround us, and interact with us, be it positive or negative as it is the case when we develop one of the above mentioned illnesses.
I put the virus right in the centre of this text because there are so many misconceptions out there, and due to this antibiotics are used far too often, so often that we are on the best way to destroy one of the most powerful medications that has been discovered by men.

The symptoms of virus infections can be localized or systemic. Localized virus infections such as a head cold or a sore throat disappear by themselves after a few days without any specific therapeutic intervention. Just don’t stress your immune system too much and you will be fine.

The situation changes if you come down with a full-fledged flu. Then the symptoms are systemic. You may suffer from fever, joint pain, headache, loss of appetite, nausea, fatigue etc. All these phenomena are due to the activity state of your immune system that tries to cope with the virus.

Some basics on the biology of the virus

A virus is an organic particle (DNA, RNA) that is not able to replicate by itself. Viruses are everywhere, they are even integral part of our gut flora. You cannot avoid them and they are not necessarily harmful. We know today that they played an essential role in the evolution of species, also the evolution of the human creature. Viruses can modify a cell’s function to the good. In this case we would call it adaption and a step forward in the evolution of the species. Or the viruses intervene to the bad, then we are talking about infections, tumors or even extinction.
But now back to our illnesses that bother us especially during the cold and humid seasons. The cell and virus interactions are influenced by the microclimate of the cell. Cold weather and humidity as well as a milieu of stress make certain cells more vulnerable to viruses. On the other side the virus load we are exposed to plays an important role. Saliva of a sick person is like a virus bomb hitting you, and needs a very strong immunity state not afflict you.

If a critical amount of viruses manage to integrate into your body’s cells – which cells and which parts of the cells are affected depends on the virus and the type of cell – then the flood gates are open, the virus can take over the metabolism of the cell. In this case the cell works in favor of the virus not your body’s. The viruses start replicating and spreading throughout the body. The route of spreading they choose again depends on the kind of virus.
At this point the course of the disease depends on the condition of your immunity. You cannot erase viruses with antibiotics, you need to care about your immunity state.
Whether the viruses are cleaned from the system completely and immunity to this specific virus is the final result of this interplay or whether the viruses are kept under control while remaining in our body’s cells – this is the case in Epstein-Barr-Virus infections – depends on the power of our immune system.

Some basics on vaccines

The thought concept behind a vaccine is that of provoking an immune response with a mixture of the virus that has been modified in a way that no disease symptoms occur. Everyone knows that this is a tricky job to do. Side-effects and failure of vaccines are not uncommon, and are due to an unspecific activation of the immune system. Another serious problem of vaccines is that viruses permanently mutate, and a vaccine only works for the one specific strain it was designed for. Flu epidemics therefore spread on a regular basis all over the globe. Third concern of vaccines is the route of administration. Since decades researches try to develop oral vaccines, the natural route of immunization as you know. We have not been very successful in this respect.

Biestmilch is oral immunization

Biestmilch (bovine colostrum) is an all natural substance that strengthens immunity. Similar to quality food it makes you healthy and more robust in this game between you and the virus. Thousands of different immune molecules make Biestmilch very similar to our serum. The high content of immunoglobulins (antibodies), cell growth factors, cell communicator molecules such as interleukins and molecules with unspecific disinfectant properties such as lactoferrin make it a substance of incredible value for all kind of immunity issues, and perfect prophylactic agent during times when epidemics such as the flu tend to spread.
Biestmilch acts via all epithelial lining be it the nose, the mouth or the gut. It modulates your immune system as a whole, it doesn’t only target one cell or one molecule. It communicates and interacts on various levels with the complexity of our body.

A remark at the end

Flu shots became a very common way of flu prevention, even though discussed controversially. The stories that flu vaccines failed are not a rare phenomenon. One reason among others is that flu viruses mutate quickly, and therefore undermine the vaccine’s effect. Almost every year we face different strains that are not covered by vaccines. Biestmilch works differently. It does not attack the virus, but it enables the immune system to act efficiently. Biestmilch’s mode of action differs completely from the vaccine. It can be seen as an oral immunization initiating a broad spectrum of processes that are essential for virus control and elimination.
The study cited underneath showed significantly the superiority of Biestmilch compared to the vaccines, even vaccines and Biestmilch administered together has not been superior to Biestmilch alone.

In the colostrum (Biestmilch) group the risk to come down with a flu was reduced by 30% compared to the flu shot group.

The original paper you find attached here for download.

Prevention of Influenza Episodes With Colostrum Compared With Vaccination in Healthy and High-Risk Cardiovascular Subjects: The Epidemiologic Study in San Valentino, a study by Maria Rosaria Cesarone, MD, Gianni Belcaro, MD, PhD, Andrea Di Renzo, BA, et al. from San Valentino-Spoltore Vascular Screening Project, Department of Biomedical Sciences, G D’annunzio University, Chieti, Pescara, Italy.



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