With Biestmilch physiology enters race nutrition

Ever since nutrition became part of natural science it has been coined as a calories supplier and energy provider. This is quite an ambiguous and not very precise scientific statement after all. I think this vague terminology opens the way for the many diets based on a broad spectrum of different mindsets and beliefs. Considering them all together, distilling the essence out of them and then individually remixing them may be one option to show us the path to the most suitable diet. And once  and again it’s our very own experience that counts most.

Until today it is difficult to understand the effects of food in all its complexity. Our knowledge about the physiology of the non-diseased bodies is still rather limited have we been focusing for decades the pathology of bodies only. Very recently scientists started to look at food in a slightly different way. They see food as an assembly of bioactive molecules that interact with all bodily systems. One discovery that may turn out to be revolutionary for the studying of food is that our cells display receptors that sensor food.

Cells display all sorts of receptors. If they are healthy, they are perfect communicators. Then they are able to interact with our foods
Cells display all sorts of receptors. If they are healthy, they are perfect communicators. Then they are able to interact with our foods.

This proposition seems very similar to our knowledge about the sensoric system our immune system expresses by which our body recognizes micro-organisms. if a sufficient amount of ligands connect with the receptors, then signal pathways within the cells are activated. As a consequence the cells change their activity and function, e.g the metabolic processes are switched on or off, immune functions are altered and the nervous system’s activity state alters too.
My preliminary conclusion from these first decent research results is that we should look at food as a whole and on top of this should consider it as an assembly of biologically active molecules that interact with our body cells. Food then is much more than a donator of calories but actively modulating the body’s regulatory processes. Research just did the first step. Nevertheless the complexity, the texture, the form and the function of food will confront us with lots of unanswered questions and contradicting scientific models for many more years.

Biestmilch is food consisting of a huge variety of bioactive molecules

If one wants to comprehend Biestmilch’s potency one has to see it as a substance that interacts with its rich variety of bioactive molecules with the respective receptors on the surface of the most different cells, by far not only with the ones attributed to the immune system. Biestmilch cannot be understood, if seen as an energy or calorie source. The following two paragraphs explain why Biestmilch and the BIEST BOOSTER in specific bring physiology into race nutrition.

Biestmilch introduces physiology into race nutrition

In endurance races the body faces mainly two critical conditions, one is fatigue and the other are gastrointestinal issues. Both phenomena can have serious consequences for the performance and may finally lead to the total exhaustion. Brain and gut are tightly connected by hard-wired nerve connections that are essential for well-being during endurance performance. Besides, thousands of messenger molecules are flowing through the body, transmitting their signals and connect all bodily systems, the nervous system, the immune system, the metabolic pathways etc. If you become aware of these multidirectional highly active interrelations, you won’t be amazed that all kind of stress factors can jeopardize the fragile bodily balance athletes’ find themselves in during a competition.

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Immunity, inflammation and healing are tightly connected and interdependent.

Fatigued connections between the brain and the muscles

Brain activity and neuromuscular recruitment are interdependent. During racing your brain has to be fully present and awake to guarantee optimal muscular recruitment. If the control circuits of the signal transmission from the brain to the muscle and back are fatigued, storms of signals can reach the muscle without being filtered. The weakened signal control from the brain leads to muscle cramping. The fatigue is thus located in the central nervous system not in the muscle. Consequently, you need your brain working at full capacity to retrieve your personal best.

The synergy of Biestmilch and Guarana is refreshing the brain and helps you to regain your focus. The Guarana’s principle of action is relatively easy to explain as it binds to the caffeine receptors we are all familiar with. For Biestmilch the explanations are far more difficult to give. Deeper knowledge about the stress system and its way of functioning is required. Overall Biestmilch with its numerous messenger molecules helps buffering and neutralizing the many stress inducing molecules that are released by the stress system during the competition.

Leaks in the stomach and gut

The permeability of the gut is a very sensitive condition. The sort of food we eat, the stress factors we are exposed to and disturbances of the gut’s blood circulation can change permeability with fatal consequences for our well-being.

Endurance performance affects the integrity of the intestinal barrier. The prolonged strenuous exercise per se, heat stress, mechanical shearing forces, oxidative burst, reduced blood flow, too high an intake of carbs or drugs such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents are only a few of the many stress factors that may induce an integrity loss of the intestinal barrier. Integrity loss regardless of its cause is associated with an increased intestinal permeability. Stomach and/or gut start leaking.

The selective absorption of nutrients from the gut stops. On the other hand bacteria and toxins penetrate non-selectively into the body interior and harm its balance. The symptoms athletes then are bothered by are abdominal cramps, diarrhea, bloating, nausea, vomiting, pains or/and stomach bleeding.

The protective effects of Biestmilch have not only been observed in athletes but also in in-vitro gut cell lines. The harming effect of temperature rises on the cell functions could be buffered by Biestmilch (bovine colostrum). It was also able to increase the stress resistance of the epithelial cells. The cells became more temperature resistant and cell death was significantly reduced. In conclusion, the findings underline that in a physiologically relevant sports model, Biestmilch appears beneficial in maintaining the gut stability.

The BIEST BOOSTER in specific can delay the onset of fatigue and protect stomach and gut.
The BIEST BOOSTER in specific can delay the onset of fatigue and protect stomach and gut.

Firstly, the BIEST BOOSTER with its 4000 milligrams of Biestmilch and 500mg Guarana helps keeping you alert and focused, exactly what is needed to get your muscles going. It supports the bidirectional communication between the brain and the muscles.

Secondly, the power of BIESTMILCH unfolds its stabilizing effects along the gut by making the cells more stress- and heat-resistant. Since brain and gut have hard-wired connections and are influencing each other to a great extent, a balanced gut helps that fatigue kicks in later or is less pronounced. The gut gets more stable, if you integrate the BIEST BOOSTER into your race nutrition.



Susann is the biest prototype and head of the team. She is Austrian, has studied medicine, meaning she is a medical doctor and the Biesters' alpha wolf. Susann continuously produces new ideas, is strong in making concepts and is practically always ON FIRE. Without her BIESTMILCH wouldn't be where and what it is today, and anyway - not possible.

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