What is the use of merchandizing, if not supporting branding or giving an answer to the question, what Biestmilch actually is about.

Promotion activities in Kailua-Kona, 2011

The story of the above headline dates back to 2011. I pick it up again now, because times have changed in a way that this line gets the new flavor of actuality.

Our promotion schedule in Kailua-Kona: Tattoos, swimcaps, t-shirts and spreading the Biestmilch tune over the Big Island.

In 2011 it was a line written on the T-shirts we have been designing for our promotion activities at the IRONMAN world championships in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. The idea was to spread Biestmilch and its message on T-shirts. But as a shirt alone – may the design be as attractive however – doesn’t convey, what Biestmilch is about, we put the sentence “Immune Is My Tune” on the left shoulder.

IMMUNE IS MY TUNE all in yellow …

At that time nobody cared about immunity as much as today. Preventing was not yet a focus of concern, not even for athletes who are driving their bodies to the edge during such an extreme endurance event such as the long distance triathlon. Strenuous performance takes it all from our organism.

Today the picture paints itself differently. The immune system and the result of its work, the immunity, concerns us a lot. If we want to sing the immunity song with self-confidence, and fearlessness, and be bolstered against the COVID-19 infection, Biestmilch can improve our body’s melody. Even if strong winds are blowing in our faces, the worries decline.

My dear friend, Carl Koomoa, a true Hawaiian

Today immunity and the immune system resound throughout the land. It is a hot topic as never before. Therefore I think it is okay to dig out this copy text for the the AD campaign we are currently planning.



Susann is the biest prototype and head of the team. She is Austrian, has studied medicine, meaning she is a medical doctor and the Biesters' alpha wolf. Susann continuously produces new ideas, is strong in making concepts and is practically always ON FIRE. Without her BIESTMILCH wouldn't be where and what it is today, and anyway - not possible.

Even if vaccinated we need a strong immune system


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