To take painkillers preventively won’t spare you the pain of the race

The harmful effects of painkillers are widely known. A good example for their deleterious effect has been the withdrawal of the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory painkiller celecoxib a few years ago. Unfortunately, many amateur athletes take painkillers during the training and before the competition. Various studies give prove of this situation. These athletes are obviously not aware of the fact that painkillers blunt the body’s response to exercise and that the healing processes so badly needed during recovery become insufficient. Moreover the athlete runs the risk of stomach bleeding if taking these pills regularly. 

No painkiller can make the pain vanish you have to go through to win a big race

Most of the athletes take drugs like ibuprofen or diclofenac because they want to avoid pain during a competition. At all levels and in a wide variety of sports athletes swear by their painkillers. A study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that, at the 2008 Ironman Triathlon in Brazil, almost 60 percent of the racers reported using non-steroidal anti-inflammatory painkillers (or NSAIDs, which include ibuprofen) at some point in the three months before the event, with almost half downing pills during the race itself. In another study, about 13 percent of the participants in a marathon in New Zealand had popped NSAIDs before the race. A study in professional Italian soccer players found even 6 percent using anti-inflammatory drugs.

Famous physiologist David Nieman published a study that showed the effect of ibuprofen on immunity and muscle recovery. Ibuprofen had a significant negative effect on both. And the worst of it, the painkiller did not even help to reduce pain during a race or decrease muscle soreness after it. David Nieman belongs to those scientists who first discovered the outstanding importance of a healthy immune system for athletes.
Beside the work about the protective effects of Biestmilch on the leaky gut in athletes Biestmilch researcher Raymond J. Playford and his co-workers published a study already in 2001 that suggested Biestmilch preventing the stomach and gut damage caused by NSAID.

This data strongly recommends to stay away from the regular use of painkillers, and in case you have no other choice than to take them combine them with Biestmilch.



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