Give me one good reasons, why I should take BIESTMILCH!

For many athletes and non-athletes BIESTMILCH is still  an alien in the foods marketplace. This is why we asked our pro athletes to give us their reasons why they take and why they believe in this substance and in our product.

If you read the answers of Yvonne van Vlerken, Rachel Joyce, Andi Boecherer and Ronnie Schildknecht you will quickly realise how you can benefit from taking BIESTMILCH.


Yvonne van Vlerken “That’s why I take BIESTMILCH”

1. Because my allergies have almost disappeared by taking BIESTMILCH (Lactose)
2. It keeps me in balance
3.  I can keep my immune system more stable when I take BIESTMILCH.
4. I feel a healthier person overall by taking BIESTMILCH.
5. I find that my exercise-induced asthma has become less after a long period ( several years) of taking BIESTMILCH regularly.
6. I take an extra amount of BIESTMILCH when my body has to deal with more stress than normal, just to give it some extra support.
7. I take the BIEST BOOSTER, when I want to have more quality in my workout.
8. Taking BIESTMILCH for me is like brushing my teeth, it has become a daily ritual and belongs to my normal nutrition.9. Besides the proven benefits of BIESTMILCH, I also strongly believe in the product myself, my gut feeling tells me it’s good for me.

Rachel Joyce “Here are my good reasons, why to take BIESTMILCH”

1. Life is stressful and I have found taking BIESTMILCH chewies everyday helps keep my system balanced and able to absorb these stresses.
2. To strengthen my immune system
3. I up my dosage of Chewies when I travel.  I believe air travel is an extra stress on your body and upping my chewie intake reassures me that I will arrive at my destination healthy.
4. I also increase my dosage if I feel I’m getting a scratchy throat/cold.  I feel that it bolsters my system so I can fight off the worst of the virus.
5. The BIEST BOOSTER is the perfect way to get on top of jet lag quickly: important when I’m travelling to races.
6. The BIEST BOOSTER is my secret weapon to execute my long/hard key sessions. It keeps me mentally alert and motivated for the entire program – especially good on my long days in the saddle and brick session.
7. The BIEST BOOSTER is an integral part of my race day nutrition. I take one 30 mins before the start and then another 2/3s into the bike. This keeps me alert, and my spirits high and means I don’t need to rely on caffeine which causes me gastric distress.


Andi Boecherer “These are my strong points, why one has to take BIESTMILCH”

1. I take BIESTMILCH for prophylaxis and if I am having a head cold etc. as a therapeutic.
2. It helps me a lot to control my severe hay fever.
3. BIESTMILCH calms down the stomach and the gut, it makes more resistant against stress and heat!
4. It makes me perform better in truing and improves recovery.
5. It improves my performance in the competition, body-wise and mentally.
6. BIESTMILCH is a natural product
7. Our ancestors already took it.
8. I get better in my strength training.
9. I feel that the training stimuli are more effective and the body adaptation improves.


Ronnie Schildknecht “I have convincing 10 points in favor of BIESTMILCH”

1. Because I believe in the product
2. Because it is healthy
3. BIESTMILCH triggers the bodies immune system and acts in many ways positively on the body instead of just one way like other products.
4. Because I want to stay on top of my overall health
5. Because it is natural and not chemical
6. It speeds up my recovery
7. The BIEST BOOSTER helps me to keep focused during training
8. Because I feel a real difference if I take it or not. More stress resistant.
9. Not gut issues
10. BIESTMILCH improves my performance during training and racing (BIEST BOOSTER instead of a gel)



Susann is the biest prototype and head of the team. She is Austrian, has studied medicine, meaning she is a medical doctor and the Biesters' alpha wolf. Susann continuously produces new ideas, is strong in making concepts and is practically always ON FIRE. Without her BIESTMILCH wouldn't be where and what it is today, and anyway - not possible.

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