Developing body perception is a good recipe to improve performance

Body perception is an athlete’s secret to success. But also in our everyday life it can very helpful, if we understand our body’s language. The better you learn to adequately interpret the signs and signals of your body and mind, the better you will be able to anticipate upcoming critical conditions and tackle them early enough by counterbalancing before a snowballing effect brings you to a point of no return. In this process of self-exploration BIESTMILCH can be of astounding support. It can help interpreting the signs and taken in time intervene with the threatening process of disequilibrium.schwalben1130179

Two professional triathletes and 2 ambitious triathlete age groupers tell us how they get along with their body language.

Andi Boecherer is a talented young pro triathlete with a sub ten result at the IRONMAN world championships in Hawaii.

For me as an athlete the most tricky aspect of body perception is that, if you are close to overtraining the stress lies like a fog on your self-conception and slows you down in decision-making. 
Therefore I switched and I direct my attention to mood. If I stop looking forward to training and it feels like an obligation I know that I have to take it easier in training. 
My hay fever then gets worse too. But here the difficult thing is that during workouts and in the period directly afterwards the hay fever is better, so it is tempting to do more. Before I started taking BIESTMILCH I was instantly acquiring an infection that lasted for one week. This was dreadful, but a clear sign of overreaching. If you take BIESTMILCH on a regular basis, what you actually should do, keep in mind not to overdo your training efforts… BIESTMILCH in my case prevents the infection, but it doesn’t mean that I can ignore recovery.

Training too much makes my sleep lighter and I wake up very quickly. I also might have problems to fall asleep.


Edith Niederfriniger is a famous Italian pro triathlete with countess titles and excellent coach.

I think it helps a lot to make a reasonable plan for the day, considering both the training and your “everyday life”. For example it does not make sense to do garden work on a day of heavy training. If your planing is smart, you can avoid disappointments or unnecessary extra stress.

Body perception for me is process that develops over the years. When I was a young and unexperienced athlete I often trained ignoring my extreme fatigue. I only took a break after I had lost my motivation to train. This condition was always a strong body sign for me.
Another indication for being on the edge was a pronounced sleepiness during the day (I never took a nap around noon) and a strong craving for food.
I became moody, my bad mood turned against everything and everybody and I developed dark circles around the eyes. If all this was the case, then I knew that I was already overreaching. Then it took me several days to recover and take up my normal training volume and intensity again.

Since two years the situation has changed. I got injured several times as I didn’t manage stick to a recovery time long enough to fully recuperate. I thought that even 40 by now to able to continue as before…

Now I am finally prepared to integrate a sufficient recovery time into my training blocks. I try to avoid to develop the signs I mentioned above. I reduced my training volume. After the many years of experience I don’t need so much workload. The aerobic machine does its work properly. I pay more attention to strength and stability exercises.

Referring to my use of BIESTMILCH, during the phases of extreme fatigue I increase my intake of chewy tablets (4 times more than usual) and I take a BIEST BOOSTER more often. I always feel the effect clearly. I recover faster. For me the BIEST BOOSTER has wide spectrum of use. I take on long journeys to overcome the jet lag, during long training sessions and during the competition.

P1140552Linda Scattolin is a biologist working in research and an ambitious triathlete.

a decreased field of vision shows me that I am not well”

and I’d like to write you my sensation… Here… Really interesting topic!!!! 
I have been working a lot to learn how I could really “listen” to my body as a freediver and yoga practicant…that was not always easy….. 
When I started with triathlon a few years ago, this experience made it a lot easier for me to read the body signals of fatigue, especially during IRONMAN training session and races. 
My very personal alarm sign of being “not well” is a gradually from lateral decreasing field of vision. My friend suggested to me to take a BIEST BOOSTER when developing this uncomfortable and also dangerous (expecially in bike..) sensation. It then regresses…and I can focus again, without fog in front of my eyes. Getting over this state of mind enables me to better plan what I really need to eat and drink…

Andreas Pleines is now a youngster in triathlon after he had to quit his career as professional rower.

Quite an up-to-date topic to me so I’m glad reading this and finding a confirmation on some thoughts I’m having right now. 

I had to learn that my body perception is…let’s call it “bad”. This might be due to my change into a new sport and/or the fact that a lot of basic life structures changed over the past 2 years. It recently lead to a one week holiday in the local hospital after I collapsed after just 20 minutes on the bike. 
I thought that I’m just a bit tired. It turned out to be more than that. But I didn’t learn my lesson from this incident at first place. Now finding myself in a situation where I have to put training aside for a while and giving me time to fully recover. Learning now to listen to my body and actually reading the indicators it’s giving me is the task for the next months. Some people might do this subconsciously. I don’t. So it’s as basic as the daily swim, bike and run.



Susann is the biest prototype and head of the team. She is Austrian, has studied medicine, meaning she is a medical doctor and the Biesters' alpha wolf. Susann continuously produces new ideas, is strong in making concepts and is practically always ON FIRE. Without her BIESTMILCH wouldn't be where and what it is today, and anyway - not possible.

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