Brain and gut in the focus of the race

We live entangled in stress factors, flooded by stress from the in- and outside our stress response is essential for endurance performance, well-being and survival. The external factors that regulate and optimize our responses to stress are regular exercise and good food, the salient internal pillars are a strong immunity, an autonomous nervous system in control, and a resilient motivation. All these variables of regulation and control, be they internal or external, are depending on each other. Either weakness entails the other. They are all moving on the same trajectory, feed all the interacting circuits of bodily balance.

Balance & Peak

For achieving your personal best performance you need the balance which allows you to train without physical and mental drawbacks the whole year through, if this is the case the probability that you are peaking at the right moment of time is increasing conspicuously.

BIESTMILCH with its immunoglobulins, cell differentiation factors, cell communication molecules, cell regeneration factors, antimicrobial compounds and many more is powerful food supporting immunity and nerve function, and increasing your stress resistance. The regular intake stabilizes your balance on the edge, boostering with a higher amount supports peaking on time.

Due to its unique properties Biestmilch is perfectly suited for becoming race nutrition. First of all the BIEST BOOSTER Experiment «BBex» in 2012 with its amazing positive feedbacks encouraged us to do the next step and let the BOOSTER enter the race.

»Get your brain ready & Get your gut right«

If you want to know why we think that the BIEST BOOSTER has the potential to develop into an asset of the future race nutrition, then please,read the paragraphs underneath.

In endurance races the body faces mainly two critical conditions, one is fatigue* and the other are gastrointestinal complications. Both issues have serious consequences that may finally lead to a DNF. Brain and gut are tightly connected by hard-wired nerve connections that are essential for well-being during endurance performance. If one is aware of this close interrelation, one won’t be amazed how much stress factors may intervene at this point and jeopardize the balance that moves already on the edge.

Trees of inflammatory states. Stay green with BIESTMILCH! Acute inflammatory states are integral part of the healing process. Chronic inflammation is very different story.

Fatigued connections between the brain and the muscles

Brain activity and neuromuscular recruitment are interdependent and permanently highly active companions of all endurance athletes. Studies suggest that only 50% of all muscle fibers are being activated during a long distance Ironman race, even in elite athletes. All endurance performance is never anaerobic but aerobic, you never can refuel the stores during the catabolic state of racing. All carbohydrate stores are empty after the bike course even though you can finish the a race in a great time.

The conclusion we draw from these scientific facts is that we need more a fully present and awake brain to guarantee optimal muscular recruitment than the muscles’ glycogen stores that are empty after the bike ride anyway. The fatigued inhibitory mechanisms that are in charge of controlling the firing of signals to the muscles, and the fatigued steering areas in the central nervous system firstly induce cramps, then exertion and finally exhaustion up to an extent that may make you quit the race.

The saying that a race is won in the head does not only apply to pros, but also to you as an age group athlete. You too need the brain working at full capacity to retrieve your personal best.

The BIEST BOOSTER is delaying the onset of fatigue

Our two decades of experience with Biestmilch gave us the evidence that it is increasing stress-resistance and improves motivation. The BIEST BOOSTER with 4000mg of Biestmilch and 500mg of the natural caffeine extract Guarana does it even more. It helps keeping you alert and focused what is needed to get your muscles going.

It supports the communication between the brain and the muscles and unfolds its stabilizing effects along the gut, two organs that have a hard-wired connections and influence each other to a great extent. Fatigue kicks in later or is less pronounced and the gut gets more stable, if you integrate the BIEST BOOSTER into your race nutrition.

Leaks in the stomach and gut

During endurance performance athletes are exposed to several stress factors that affect the integrity of the intestinal barrier. The prolonged strenuous exercise per se, heat stress, mechanical shearing forces, oxidative burst, reduced blood flow, to high an intake of carbs or drugs such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents – a common painkiller used among athletes – are only a few of the many stress factors that may induce an integrity loss of the intestinal barrier.

Integrity loss regardless of its cause is associated with an increased intestinal permeability. Stomach and/or gut start leaking.Biestmilch_690_leaky-gut
The symptoms athletes are then bothered by are cramps, diarrhea, bloating, nausea, vomiting and bleeding. The absorption from the gut stops, the fluids wobble around in the belly and make you feel to vomit. You cannot eat or drink anything more. On the other hand bacteria and toxins may penetrate into the body interior and harm its balance.

Generally spoken all strenuous workouts activate the stress response. The activity levels of the autonomous (sympathetic) nervous system, the stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol, and those hormones that regulate the fluid balance (vasopressin) as well as the immune system undergo massive changes that can lead to mild up to severe gastrointestinal problems or a fluid and electrolyte imbalance that cannot and should not be compensated by drinking.

The BIEST BOOSTER is protecting the mucosal lining of stomach and gut

In 2010 Raymond J. Playford and co-workers from the University of Tasmania have published a study that gives evidence about the effects of orally administered bovine colostrum on gut permeability, exercise-induced temperature rise, and gut hormonal profiles of individuals undertaking heavy exercise.

To gain greater understanding as to how any protective effects of colostrum are elicited, they also performed studies examining the effect of temperature rises on cell functions by using gut cell lines in vitro (similar to those seen in athletes undergoing the in vivo studies) in the presence and absence of BIESTMILCH/Colostrum.

BIESTMILCH is particularly rich in immunoglobulins, antimicrobial peptides (e.g. lactoferrin, lactoperoxidase), and other bioactive molecules including cell differentiation factors essential for cell regeneration. The proposition that Biestmilch could be helpful in protecting all mucosal linings was therefore very likely.

The study results have been amazing and hopefully encourage others to seriously continue studying this substance. Biestmilch was able to increase stress resistance of epithelial cells. The cells became more temperature resistant and cell death was significantly reduced. In conclusion, the findings show that, in a physiologically relevant sports model, Biestmilch appears beneficial in maintaining gut stability. Biestmilch has got the ability to protect stomach and gut, stabilize the mucosal lining and increase the epithelia‘s stress resistance.

It were after all Playford’s results that made us continue on the path of race nutrition. All experiences support this decision until now, and we do the study under way will once and again confirm the already available evidence.

A remark the end of this text.
You can consider BIESTMILCH as oral immunization, very useful these days to stay fit and well.



Susann is the biest prototype and head of the team. She is Austrian, has studied medicine, meaning she is a medical doctor and the Biesters' alpha wolf. Susann continuously produces new ideas, is strong in making concepts and is practically always ON FIRE. Without her BIESTMILCH wouldn't be where and what it is today, and anyway - not possible.

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